Lorenzen Lab @ UF/IFAS

Integrative Fisheries Science


Current lab members

Andrew Buhl Barbour , Ph.D. Student (2010 - )
Ecology of juvenile snook (Centropomus undecimalis)
(Advised jointly with
Dr. Don Behringer ).

Chelsey Crandall , Ph.D. Student (2012 - )
Participatory spatial management of Florida coastal sport fisheries
(Advised jointly with
Dr. Martha Monroe ).

Edward V. Camp , Ph.D. Student (2011 - )
Quantitative assessment of Florida marine fisheries enhancements
(Supported by the
QSE3 Igert Program ).

Taryn Gainer , M.S. Student (2011 - )
Resource allocation and post-release fitness in hatchery fish
(Advised jointly with
Dr. Colette St. Mary ).

Jynessa Dutka-Gianelli , PostDoc (2012 - )
Spatial analysis of snook fisheries
(Mentored jointly with
Dr Juliane Struve ).

Dr. Kenneth M. Leber , Courtesy Professor
Fisheries Enhancement
(Associate Vice President,
Mote Marine Laboratory )

Dr. Kai Lorenzen , Professor
Integrative Fisheries Science

Michael Matthews , Ph.D. Student (2011 - )
Evaluation of Florida largemouth bass hatchery programs
(Biologist at the
Florida Bass Conservation Center ).

Vanessa Mintzer , Ph.D. Student (2010 - )
Conservation of the Amazon boto
(Advised jointly with
Dr. Thomas Frazer ).

Christopher Monk , M.S. Student (2011 - )
Domestication effects on behavioral syndromes in fish
(Advised jointly with
Dr. Colette St. Mary ).

Riviere Sebastien , Visiting Research Scholar (2011 - 2012)
Strengthening the role of Fisherfolks Organizations in promoting co-operative self-governance of Caribbean fisheries
(Sponsored by
Florida Sea Grant and advised jointly with ).

Jessica Sutt , M.S. Student (2012 - )
Goliath grouper management stakeholder process
(Advised jointly with
Dr. Martha Monroe ).


Dr Paul Medley , Consultant, Alne, UK
Software development:
EnhanceFish project

Dr Juliane Struve , Research Assistant Professor, School of Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida, USA
Spatial analysis and modeling of fish populations

Interested in joining?

Interested in joining us as a research student, postdoc or academic visitor? Please get in touch with Kai Lorenzen to discuss projects and funding opportunities.


Alice Rogers , PhD Student (2007 - 2011), Imperial College
Recovery dynamics of the sea urchin Diadema antillarum and the potential for active rebuilding strageties
Now: Postdoc, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Charles Hazlerigg , PhD student (2007 -2011), Imperial College
Population dynamics of zebrafish in laboratory and semi-natural habitats (Joint with Professor Charles Tyler, University of Exeter).
Now: Research Director, Frontier, Madagascar

Dr Sarah Martin , PhD Student (2006 - 2010), Imperial College
Bio-economic modelling of tropical multi-species fisheries
Now: Fisheries Consultant, MRAG Ltd., London, UK

Jim Roberts , PhD Student (2007- 2010), Imperial College
Ecosystem-based management of South Sandwich Island fisheries
(with Dr David Agnew).
Now: Postdoc, NIWA, Wellington, New Zealand

Michelle Taylor , PhD Student (2007 - 2010), Imperial College
Biodiversity of deepsea corals off South Georgia
(with Dr Alex Rogers/IoZ and Dr David Agnew).
Now: Postdoc, University of Oxford, UK

Dr Julia Blanchard , Research Fellow (2010), Imperial College
Population and ecosystem modelling
Now: Lecturer/Assistant Professor, University of Sheffield, UK

Dr Charles Edwards, Research Associate (2009-2010), Imperial College
Southern Ocean & deep sea fisheries
Now: Stock Assessment Scientist, NIWA, Wellington, New Zealand

Dr Polina Levontin , Research Associate (2009-2010), Imperial College
Deep sea fisheries assessment
(Still at Imperial College London)

Dr Pia Orr , Research Associate (2008-2010), Imperial College
Falkland Islands fisheries assessment
(Still at Imperial College London)

Dr Marine Pomarede , Research Associate (2008-2010), Imperial College
Review of fisheries research coordination between EU and third countries
Now: Stock Assessment Scientist, New Zealand Seafood Industry Council, Wellington, New Zealand.

Dr Richard Hillary , Research Lecturer (2008-2009), Imperial College
Fisheries Assessment Methodology
Now: CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Hobart, Australia.

Dr Anna McGrath , PhD Student (2004-2009), Imperial College
Quantitative assessment of conservation management for the natterjack toad (Bufo calamita)
Now: Environmental consulting, London, UK.

Susana Hervas Avila , Research Assistant (2008), Imperial College
California white seabass stock enhancement modelling
Now: Intern,
WorldFish Center , Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dr Paolo Casula , PhD student (2002 - 2008), Imperial College
Functional agrobiodiversity: the role of natural enemy biodiversity in pest control (Co-supervised with
Prof Matt Thomas , now Penn State).
Now: Scientific Civil Service, Sardinia, Italy.

Dr Polina Levontin , PhD Student (2003 - 2007), Imperial College
Management strategy evaluation for Baltic salmon (Co-supervised with Dr Murdoch McAllister).
Now: Research Associate, Imperial College London.

Dr Rebecca Whitlock , PhD Student (2003 - 2007), Imperial College
Population modelling of Fraser River White Sturgeon (Co-supervised with Dr Murdoch McAllister)
Now: Postdoc,
IIASA , Austria

Dr Elsa Amilhat , PhD Student (2002 - 2006), Imperial College
Fisheries ecology of rice farming landscapes
Now: Postdoc, Univ. Perpignan, France

Joana Martelo , RA (2006), Imperial College
Habitat preferences and movements of Amazon fishes
Now: PhD Student, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Dr Sophie Nguyen Khoa , RA & PhD Student (1999 - 2005), Imperial College. Managing impacts of irrigation development on small-scale aquatic resources
Now: Research Scientist,
IWMI , Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dr Oriana Almeida , RA and p/t PhD Student (1999 - 2003)
Fisheries management in the Brazilian Amazon
Now: Senior Scientist,
IPAM , Brazil

Dr Robert Arthur , PhD Student (1999 - 2003)
Adaptive learning in fisheries development
Now: Research Scientist,
WorldFish Center , Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Dr Michele Burford , Academic Visitor (March/April 2001)
Modelling nitrogen dynamics in shrimp ponds
Home: Centre for Riverine Landscapes, Griffiths University

, RA at MRAG Ltd. (1994-1996) Shrimp farm water quality management and environmental impacts
Now: Knowledge & Science Manager, Beacon Pathway, New Zealand

Dr Caroline Garaway , Postdoc (1999 - 2002), Imperial College
Social and institutional analysis of fisheries
Now: Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, University College London

Professor Md. Rezaul Hasan , Academic Visitior (January/February 2002)
Assessment of aquaculture-based fisheries
FAO Fisheries Department

Collaborating organisations

CEFAS Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science

FAO Fisheries Department

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Hubbs Sea-World Research Institute

International Water Management Institute

Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling

Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazônia (IPAM)

Mekong River Commission Fisheries Programme

Mote Marine Laboratory

Network of Aquaculture Centers in Asia-Pacific (NACA)

WorldFish Center

MSc project students at Imperial College London

Jennifer Swanstrom (2009)
Historic biogeography of East African freshwater fish faunas.
(joint with Dr Martin Genner, Bristol University)

Michael Wyman (2009)
Development of biobullets for invasive sea-squirts.
(joint with Dr David Aldridge, Cambridge University)

Emma Heywood (2009)
ECOSIM modelling of the Scottish west coast ecosystem
(joint with Dr Sheila Heymans, SAMS)

Mark Stevenson (2009)
Dispersal and population dynamics of stocked red drum in Tampa Bay

Ruth Westcott (2008)
Shrimping and saving: an investigation into the sustainability of supermarket prawns, and certification as a mechanism for change

Michelle Taylor (2007)
Modelling stock enhancement potential for snook in Florida

Zia Lewindon (2007)
Water vole habitat requirements

Susana Hervas (2007)
Assessment of the California white seabass stocking programme using release-recapture data.

Richard Peagam (2007)
Impacts of rice farming practices on on-farm aquatic biodiversity

Andrea Nuesse (2007)
Rice farming systems in Northeast Thailand

Marieke Beckmann (2007)
Institutional issues in the management of a shared river basin in Northeast Thailand.

Laura Street (2006)
A critical appraisal of local people’s involvement in wetland planning in the Mekong region

Joana Martelo (2006)
Establishing habitat preferences of Amazon fish from fisheries monitoring data

Jonathan Pearson (2006)
A framework for ecological assessment of small hydropower plants

Jonathan Miller (2006)
GIS-based water management planning for the London Wetlands Centre

Etienne Boisnier (2005)
Artificial reefs as tools for biodiversity conservation

Yee Chow (2005)
Tsunami damage to aquaculture in Banda Aceh

Linda Thordal (2005)
Fish community dynamics in the London Wetland Centre

Edward Santry (2005)
The conservation role of British zoos

Anna McGrath (2004)
Introduction of grass snakes to the London Wetlands Centre: a feasibility study

James McNamara (2004)
Tropical inland aquatic ecosystem responses to fishing pressure

Katie Redmond (2004)
Bringing the river to life? Myths, motivations and practicalities of community involvement in urban river restoration

Anna Collins (2004)
The effects of physical habitat modifications on macro-invertebrate communities of south London rivers

Stuart Pankhurst (2004)
Climate change impacts on ectotherms in the Australian wet tropics: the field optimal thermal habitat measure

Kate Viner (2004)
Community fisheries in Cambodia: An institutional analysis of co-management arrangements

Graham Cookson (2004)
Poverty alleviation and Cambodian fisheries: co-management in the Cambodian Mekong

Ulrike Killguss (2003)
Bio-economic analysis of commercial fishing in the lower Amazon: spatial change 1990-2002

Sonia Fevre (2003)
Environmental education in the development of marine reserves in peninsular Malaysia

Alexia Tamblyn (2003)
Ecotourism development in the coastal zone of the Perhentian Islands (Malaysia): a stakeholder analysis

Raquibul Amin (2002)
Livelihoods impacts of irrigation development in Laos

Jessica Ellis (2002)
Determination of suitable sites for marine protected areas in Taytay Bay, Philippines, utilizing ecological habitat classification techniques.

Mauro Randone (2002)
Developing an index of biotic integrity for Mekong wetlands based on fish species assemblages

Emily White (2001)
Valuation of alternative water uses in Sri Lanka

Eve Oatley (2001)
Impacts of irrigation development on local-scale fish migrations

Lisa Peirce (2001)
Development of a monitoring strategy for fisheries impacts of the Nam Theun II hydroelectric dam

Caroline Soubry (2001)
Factors affecting the role of self-recruiting species in Asian aquaculture

Robert Banes (2001)
Certification of small-scale fisheries in developing countries

Esther Bertram (2000)
Environmental impacts of refugee camps at the Thai-Burmese border

Tanya O’Garra (2000)
Ecotourism development in a marine protected area, Mexico

Maya Tamimi (2000)
Potential for co-management of coastal fisheries, Indonesia

Sandra Paul (2000)
The origins of nature conservation in Africa and Europe – a comparative analysis

Catherine Michielsens (1999)
Resource use efficiency in Asian carp farming systems

Fiona Hindley (1999)
Environmental impact of seaweed farming in the Philippines

Mitsuaki Hosono (1999)
Institutional issues in woodland management, Kenya

Julia Cheftel (1998)
Potential of genetically male tilapias (GMT) for small-scale farmers in the Philippines

Katherine McGough (1998)
Disease control decision making in Scottish salmon farms

Debashish Mazumder (1998)
The context of developing small native species for aquaculture in Bangladesh

Brian Lawlor (1997)
Population dynamics of coregonid enhancement in Lake Constance, Germany

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