Lorenzen Lab @ UF/IFAS

Integrative  Fisheries  Science


Ongoing initiatives

EnhanceFish decision support tool for aquaculture-based fisheries enhancement

Tropical freshwater fisheries research in the Greater Mekong and Amazon regions

Mekong giant catfish conservation strategy development

Florida fisheries enhancement and restoration

Major research grants

DEEPFISHMAN: Management and monitoring of deep-sea fisheries and stocks
PI (WP4): Kai Lorenzen & Richard Hillary
Funding: European Commission
Regions: EU
Duration: 2009-2012

TXOTX: Technical experts overseeing third country expertise
PI (WP2): Kai Lorenzen
Funding: European Commission
Regions: EU, West Africa, RFMOs
Duration: 2008-2011

Falkland Islands fisheries assessment & research
PI: David Agnew & Kai Lorenzen
Funding: Falkland Islands Government
Countries: UK
Duration: 2008-2010

Snook fishery enhancement and management
PI: Kai Lorenzen
Funding: Mote Marine Laboratory, SCORE
Countries: Florida, USA
Duration: 2008-2009

Development of a conservation strategy for the critically endangered Mekong giant catfish
PI: Kai Lorenzen
Funding: DEFRA Darwin Initiative
Countries: Mekong region
Duration: 2005-2007

EFIMAS - Operational evaluation tools for fisheries management options
PI: Richard Hillary & Kai Lorenzen (Imperial College component)
Funding: EU
Duration: 2006-2008

Fisheries enhancement decision support tool and toolkit
PI: Kai Lorenzen
Funding: DFID Fisheries Management Programme
Countries: Regional S and SE Asia
Duration: 2005

Self-recruiting species in aquaculture: their ecology and role in rural livelihoods
PI: Dave Little, Kai Lorenzen & Amararatne Yakupitiyage
Funding: DFID Aquaculture Research Programme R 7917
Countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Thailand, Vietnam
Duration: 2000-2004

Management of irrigation development impacts on fisheries
PI: Kai Lorenzen & Laurence Smith
Funding: DFID KaR Programme R7793
Countries: Lao, Sri Lanka
Duration: 2000-2002.

Fisheries management for biodiversity conservation in the Brazilian Amazon
PI: Kai Lorenzen & Toby McGrath
Funding: DEFRA Darwin Initiative 8/126
Countries: Brazil
Duration: 1999-2002

Adaptive learning approaches to fisheries enhancement
PI: Caroline Garaway & Kai Lorenzen
Funding: DFID Fisheries Management Programme R 7335
Countries: Lao
Duration: 1999-2002

Impacts of irrigation and aquaculture development on small-scale aquatic resources
PI: Kai Lorenzen
Funding: DFID Environment Research Programme R 7235                          Countries: Lao
Duration: 1998-2000.

Reservoir Fisheries Management in Savannakhet Province, Lao PDR
PI: Kai Lorenzen
Funding: DFID Fisheries Management Programme
Countries: Lao
Duration: 1995-97

Culture Fisheries Assessment Methodology
PI: Kai Lorenzen
Funding: DFID Fisheries Management Programme
Countries: China, India, Thailand
Duration: 1994-96

Coastal Aquaculture and Environment: Quantitative Analysis and Modelling Component
PI: Kai Lorenzen
Funding: DFID Aquaculture Research Programme
Countries: Thailand
Duration: 1995-96

Small grants and consultancies

California white seabass enhancement modelling. Hubbs Sea-World Research Institute. 2008.

Extracting habitat preference and movement information from fisheries monitoring data in tropical river-floodplain systems. Fisheries Society of the British Isles. 2006-2008

Center-commissioned external review of the Greater Mekong Regional Programme, WorldFish Center.

Fisheries co-management for poverty alleviation in Cambodia. WorldFish Center 2004.

Role of fisheries in rural livelihoods in South and Southeast Asia. International Centre for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM). 2002.

Support for University Fisheries Education and Research. DFID Bangladesh. 2001.

Biofouling reduction in marine aquaculture – EC SME Exploratory award. Imperial College Consultants (ICON). 2000-2001.

Extensive aquaculture of tambaqui in the Amazon. Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia, Manaus, Brazil. 1999-2001.

Behavioural control of maturation in tilapia. Nuffield Foundation. 1998-2000.

Potential of genetically male tilapias for small-scale fish farmers in Central Luzon, Philippines. Centre for Development Studies Swansea. 1998.

Enhancement specialist study: potential for enhancing the fishery of Lake Tefe, Amazonas. Stirling Aquaculture. 1998.

Stock assessment of southern blue whiting in the Falkland Islands Interim Conservation and Management Zone. MRAG Ltd. 1991.

Epidemiology of Kudoa alliaria in southern blue whiting. MRAG Ltd. 1990.

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